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Transfer Applicants

Welcome to the transfer applicant pages of the UCSB Office of Admissions.

Transfer Admissions Counselors are available via live chat on this page each Monday and Friday in July, from 10am-12pm PST.

Transfer Admission Planner (TAP)

The UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) is an online tool to help prospective transfer students track and plan their coursework. The tool is designed for students transferring from California community colleges, including students who are seeking the TAG. TAP helps students track their progress toward meeting the minimum UC requirements for admission.

UC Transfer Admission Planner

What to Expect When You Transfer

The academic experience at UCSB for transfer students is both challenging and stimulating. Academic preparation at your current campus is the most important factor in making a smooth transition to UCSB. More comprehensive and challenging lower division coursework can help prepare you for university work and increases your likelihood of academic success. Concentrate on classes required as preparation for upper division work in your intended major. Completing your major preparation coursework and general education requirements before you transfer can make you a more competitive applicant and help you graduate in a timely manner.

Transfer students will be stepping into a new environment, and success in adjusting will depend on personal initiative. Here are a few tips for transfer applicants to transition to UCSB: 

  • Concentrate on preparing for your major at your community college.
  • Expect rigorous coursework.
  • Visit the Transfer Student Center in the UCSB Library.
  • If you are transferring from a semester system, plan for the faster pace of UCSB's quarter system.
  • Give courses priority over work.
  • Meet your UCSB subject librarian for help with your research assignments.
  • Seek out career contacts early.
  • Get involved in the Transfer Student Association or other clubs and organizations.