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Clubs and Organizations

UCSB's 500 student organizations offer a wide variety of opportunities to get involved. A complete list of campus organizations and clubs can be found at the Office of Student Life.

Education Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best ways to gain a global perspective. The UCSB Education Abroad Program offers programs in 40 countries around the world. Trips include coursework, internship opportunities and volunteer experiences to boost your resume and fully immerse you in another culture.

Sports and Recreation

UCSB's location on the Pacific Ocean along with its mild climate make it ideal for outdoor activities including kayaking, surfing, backpacking, jogging, hiking, camping and more. The Recreation Department provides state-of-the-art recreation facilities on campus complete with climbing walls, outdoor pools, exercise equipment, group fitness classes, sport clubs and intramural sports. UCSB has 19 NCAA Division 1 men's and women's sports, and students show their campus pride by supporting the UCSB Gauchos at a variety of sporting events.

Greek Life

About 2,200 students (11% of the UCSB student body) participate in Greek life by belonging to a fraternity or sorority. Students who participate in Greek life are provided with academic support and guidance, leadership opportunities, community service experience, and the opportunity to form close friendships with fellow fraternity and sorority members. For more information on what fraternities and sororities are offered at UCSB, visit the Office of Student Life's Greek Life website.