Fall 2024

We congratulate you on your academic achievements, which have resulted in your provisional admission to UC Santa Barbara. Please be aware that this decision was based on information about your academic progress that you reported through the eleventh grade and projected through the twelfth grade. Your offer of admission should be viewed as a contract that carries with it your responsibility for completing all courses you indicated on your application as “in progress” or “planned” for the senior year and for maintaining the level of performance reported in your application. Our purpose in emphasizing these conditions is to avoid misunderstandings that could disrupt your enrollment at a later date.

“Provisional admission” means that your admission to UC Santa Barbara will be official only after you have completed the requirements below. If you think you will not be able to meet the provisions of this contract, or if you do not understand the conditions, contact the Office of Admissions immediately for further advice.

Please read the conditions carefully before submitting your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). Submitting your SIR signifies that you understand the conditions, acknowledge that these obligations must be met in a timely manner, and recognize that failure to do so will invalidate your offer of admission. By submitting your SIR, you consent to receive communications and documents electronically, including the 1098-T tax form. Your admission to UC Santa Barbara is subject to cancellation if:

  • the information you submitted on your application and/or by written or verbal communication with our office does not match official documentation; or
  • all requirements listed below have not been met.

Because your admission offer was on the information you reported in your University of California application, we expect that you will do the following:

  1. Complete all coursework indicated in your application. Notify the Office of Admissions at admissions@ucsb.edu if you change any academic coursework from what was reported in your application.
  2. Achieve an academic GPA of at least a 3.0 (weighted) with no grade lower than a “C” in each term of your senior year. Notify the Office of Admissions immediately if you earn a grade below a “C” in any academic course in your senior year. Please note that Pass (P) or Credit (CR) grades in UC A-G courses completed in the winter 2020 through summer 2021 terms will satisfy appropriate A-G requirements.
  3. Graduate with a high school diploma by the end of the spring term.
  4. Submit all official high school and college transcripts by July 1, 2024. High school transcripts must display a specific date of graduation. No transcript may indicate dismissal, probation, or other restrictions. College courses posted on a high school transcript are not accepted. Any college courses taken must appear on an original college transcript. Transcripts are considered official when they are delivered directly from the school. Late or incomplete transcripts may result in the withdrawal of your offer of admission.
  5. Request that official Advanced Placement examination or International Baccalaureate examination results be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of Admissions by July 15, 2024. Results for exams taken more than one year ago may take longer to receive. Please request official results at least one month prior to the deadline and specify all test dates in your request. Exams sent to other UC campuses are not shared with UC Santa Barbara.
  6. Maintain conduct consistent with UC Santa Barbara’s standards as a diverse, open, and caring community. If your conduct is inconsistent with positive contributions to the campus environment, such as engaging in violence or threats, or creating a risk to campus or community safety, your admission may be withdrawn.

Additional conditions for students attending schools outside of the United States:

  1. English Language Proficiency Requirement: Applicants whose high school education was in a country where the language of instruction was not English must provide evidence of English proficiency. Request that your official examination results (find the full list of options here) be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of Admissions by July 15, 2024.
  2. Transcripts of coursework completed outside of the United States must be sent in a sealed envelope directly from the institution. If the transcript is not in English, we require two versions: a) the indigenous language and b) translated to English by the institution. High school coursework includes grade nine. If grade nine was completed in middle school, transcripts from that school must be sent as well.
  3. Educational System: You must graduate with a valid secondary school leaving certificate (for example, IB Diploma, U.S. high school diploma, GCE Advanced Level (A-Level), Chinese Senior Secondary Certificate, etc.). If your country’s secondary education system is 13 years long, you must complete all 13 years before entering UC Santa Barbara. You must graduate from secondary school in your home country, earning a certificate of completion that enables you to attend a university in your country. Admission to UC Santa Barbara is not offered prior to completion of the 13th year. You must complete the final year academic classes or external examinations listed on your application with at least a minimum overall B average or equivalent. Examples of external examinations include GCE Advanced Level (A-Level), Abitur, French Baccalaureate, Indian Higher Secondary School, International Baccalaureate (IB), etc.
    • IGCSE (O-Level): If you took IGCSE (O-Level) examinations, please submit results by July 15, 2024.
    • GCE (A-Level): A minimum of three (3) GCE A-Level exams taken in academic subjects comparable to the University of California admission requirements must be completed with a “B” average (3.0) and no grade lower than “C.” Additionally, GCE grades are not weighted when calculating the final GPA. Your GCE statement of results must be sent directly from the testing agency. Please submit results by September 1, 2024.
    • International Baccalaureate: Students pursuing the IB Diploma curriculum are required to complete 6 exams, with an average score of “5” and no individual score below a “4” with at least 3 exams taken at the higher level (HL). The IB diploma must be awarded with a score of “30” or higher.
      Diplomas earned with a score below “30” do not meet conditions of admission. All official scores and diploma records from the IB testing service must be submitted by July 15, 2024.

Notify our office immediately if in your senior year, or in your external examinations, you:

  • receive any “D” or “F” grades or equivalent;
  • have any changes to your class schedule (withdrawals, incomplete grades, drop in academic performance, or other changes to your class schedule);
  • fail to earn a valid secondary school leaving certificate.

You should provide a full and detailed explanation and email us at admissions@ucsb.edu using your UC application email account.

Summary of Deadlines

  • By May 15, 2024 we must receive your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). You must accept our admission offer and submit a nonrefundable $250 advance registration deposit by May 15, 2024.
  • By July 1, 2024 we must receive official final secondary school records. Transcripts that are expected from you are listed in your Admission Portal. The information must be sent from your school or appropriate authority, confirm secondary school completion or date of graduation, and verify the academic information you reported on your application.
  • By July 15, 2024 we must receive all official test results (TOEFL, IELTS, DET, AP, and/or IB). If final exam results and/or certificates will not be available by this date (for example, IB and GCE (A-Level) exams taken in June), they must be sent as soon as they become available and received no later than September 1, 2024. Scores must be submitted directly from the testing agency.