"Yes, it took a long time for me to feel really supported and I feel like there is a way to overcome that, by surrounding yourself with positive people. The Guardian Scholars program has really made me feel like part of UCSB. When I first came to UCSB in 2012 I built friendships with different Guardians Scholars and I felt very welcomed and supported, especially by the oldest girls… Ever since I came to the first event, I feel a sense of community. Previously, when I first started this quarter, I felt very lonely and I had no friends. Guardian Scholars has allowed me to feel comfortable and happy."


-Eileen Paguio
UCSB Guardian Scholars Program

Eileen Paguio

"When I turned 18 we were staying with my older brother. Then my twin brother Nathan and I moved to the beach right next to the city college (SBCC). For about six months we went to school and stayed in the back of our truck and then realized what financial aid was. They had a Guardian Scholars there too which helped us."


-Ethan Escobedo
UCSB Guardian Scholars Program

Ethan Escobedo

How You Can Help

The Guardian Scholars Program is always seeking partnerships, resources in the community, and donations of items needed by Guardian Scholars.

Guardian Scholars Community Wish List
(Student Suggestions)

Community Donations
(Donate Items Today!)

To submit a monetary donation

Melinda Douglas
Senior Director, Executive Development
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2013
805.893.2580 | melinda.douglas@ucsb.edu

Guardian Scholar Wish List

Some of our current Guardian Scholars have let us know that they are in need of the following items.

If you would like to donate any item on the list, please contact Stephany Rubio.

  • Employment opportunities
  • Student volunteers
  • Housing assistance
  • Transportation assistance
  • Couch
  • Household furniture
  • Cookware
  • Whiteboard
  • Plates/cups/eating utensils
  • Microwave

Meet Our Guardian Angels

These outstanding donors have contributed to the continued success of the Guardian Scholars Program. We are extremely grateful for their generous support.

  • The Makarechian Foundation, Inc.
  • Steven M. Hilton '74 and Lisa Hilton, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
  • Nisbet Family Foundation
  • Wayne and Lynn Barker / Village Properties
  • Mr. Steve Bennet
  • Leslie Dorosin and Steve Bennet
  • Mr. Arnold E. Brier
  • Walter and Lynne Clay
  • Tyrena and William Jones / Kirby-Jones Foundation
  • Assistance League of Santa Barbara
  • A.S. Bike Shop
  • Transportation Alternatives Program
  • UCSB Bike Team 13
  • Harvey and Hope Schechter '47 
  • The Estate of Thomas Shroyer '69
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nasri
  • Teach a Man to Fish Foundation / Vinnie and Tori Smith
  • Green Foundation / George and Kathleen McCrimlisk
  • Paul and Anna Makarechian
  • Keith Palmquist
  • Joe and Navas Shooshtari
  • Richard Mulder / Heel Bruise
  • Michael and Jennie Davidson
  • Wendy Foster
  • Julie Henley
  • Donna Mancusi and Megan Valentine
  • Paul Orfalea / Bob Nunez, DDS 
  • Kim and Soren Kieler
  • Sallie and Bijan Saless
  • Ali and Jordan Quivey
  • Walter and Lynne Clay
  • Jeffrey Wattenberg
  • Roman Tsunder
  • Ali Jahangiri
  • Stephen and Maria Black
  • Jill Feldman and Arnie Brier
  • Mollie and Ali Ahlstrand
  • Ryan Mills and Ed de Vicente
  • Eve Briere and Andy Maltz
  • Sherry Zalfaghari
  • Joe and Navas Shooshtari
  • Richard Mulder / Heel Bruise
  • Michael and Jennie Davidson
  • Wendy Foster
  • Julie Henley
  • Donna Mancusi and Megan Valentine