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Your Path to UCSB

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Preparing to apply to UCSB can start well before your senior year in high school. Review the timelines below for high school and transfer students to get an idea of when coursework, college visits, examinations and applications should be completed.

Freshman Applicants

Middle School

  • Start thinking about future career options.
  • Take pre-algebra or algebra. Algebra and foreign language courses are UC admission requirements!
  • Get involved in clubs, sports and other programs.
  • Plan your high school coursework and keep the UC 'a-g' requirements in mind.

9th Grade

  • Begin taking "a-g" courses, and do your best to earn good grades and a good GPA.
  • Join clubs, activities and sports.
  • Create a résumé that documents your accomplishments.
  • Keep an activity log tracking how many hours per week and weeks per year you are involved.

10th Grade

  • Begin the college search!
  • Take the PSAT exam to help prepare for the SAT.
  • Stay involved! Colleges look at leadership and involvement in your school and community.

11th Grade

  • Take the SAT with Essay or ACT plus Writing. UCSB requires one of these tests in order to apply.
  • Continue polishing your résumé and adding new accomplishments.
  • Begin visiting colleges and taking campus tours.
  • Research scholarship deadlines and ask for letters of recommendation.
  • Attend online webinars hosted by UCSB to prepare to apply!

12th Grade

Transfer Applicants

High School

  • If you don’t plan on finishing IGETC, complete three years of a foreign language. If you plan on completing IGETC, complete two years of a foreign language.
  • Begin math and English placement exams after your senior year and prior to community college enrollment, if applicable.

First Year of Transfer Preparation

Second Year of Transfer Preparation