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Virtual Tour of UCSB

Interactive and three-dimensional, our virtual campus visit features a realistic online walking tour with rich media, video content and 360-degree panoramic views. If you can't visit UCSB in person, the virtual tour is the next best thing to being on campus!

Self-Guided Tour

If your travel is restricted to a day when tours are not offered, get the most out of your visit to campus by using the UCSB self-guided tour map or the interactive campus map.

Self-Guided Tour App

Download the free UC Santa Barbara Guides app for a guided walking audio tour of campus. The interactive app helps visitors navigate around campus while providing audio descriptions of important campus locations.

Download the App!

Self-Guided Tour Map

Download our self-guided tour map, which features 12 of the most important hot spots on campus for students including:
  • UCSB Library
  • Student Resource Building (SRB)
  • University Center (UCen)
  • Storke Tower
  • Recreation Center
  • A residence hall
  • A dining commons